The Long Way Home.” I’m thrilled to announce that The Mulberry Fork Review has posted the first bit of my fiction to be published. This one’s about a guy who makes clothes out of fabric he scavenges from abandoned Los Angeles furniture and the woman he loves. Kind of. Or used to, maybe. Check it out if you’re into that kind of thing.

Beyond Limit.” This is about my best buddy Fran Crippen, an amazing man who died swimming in a race in 2010. Thanks to Eric Adelson at The Post Game for publishing this piece.

The Fish out of Water Returns.” For 12 years, Ed Moses was on and off the swimming scene, in and out of the limelight. And now he may be coming back.

How to Recover from An Olympic Collapse.” Stefan Hirniak knows more about the vicissitudes of competition than anyone. See how he trained his brain to handle the stress.

Financially Strapped Olympians.” Forget the long hours and grueling workouts, finances and funding are the primary obstacles many Olympians face in the pursuit of their dreams. Eric Adelson and I co-wrote this one.

Just One More Opponent.” At 21, Leon Leonel was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Today, at 24, he’s back to rollerblading and racing cars. This is the story of how he’s beating his cancer every day. Leon’s among the more impressive people I’ve had the pleasure of talking to in life. If even just a bit of that comes through, this is worth reading.

Kathryn Budig, Part 1Part 2, Part 3.” I’ve known this international yoga star and famed puggle-lover since I was still in short pants (i.e., my first year of college–I still wear short pants all the time). We caught up to talk about a lot things, like skydiving and yoga and food and meditation and body issues and traveling and finding a place to call “home.”

Brooke Bennett Takes the Plunge.” It was one of the pleasures of the swimming side of my life to interview the 1996 & 2000 Olympic gold medalist about her service work, her career after swimming, and her general love for life.

On Creativity.” A guest post at Treehouse: An Exhibition of the Arts on, well, creativity.

My friends at Treehouse: An Exhibition of the Arts interviewed me about writing a blog and writing fiction and living life. I heart them big time.

Writer, reader, runner, surfer. Buddhist, humanist, baker of bread.

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